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Rounded Vase
Rounded Vase
Rounded Vase
Rounded Vase
Rounded Vase

Rounded Vase

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Bring the summer in your house with these Blue and Green speckled vases! 

The finishes are rounded and make them more playful as normal vases. 
I am calling them vases but you can also use them for pencils, or toothbrushes, cutlery,... there are so many ways to use them, I just love it. 

Height: 14cm

Diameter: 9cm 

Dishwasher proof - although I recommend washing it by hands to maintain the product longer. 

Be aware that all products are handmade from scratch which means that every product is different and will not be 100% the same. This makes the products extra unique as no one else will have exactly the same!