Carefully Designed and Handmade Ceramics

100% Handmade or Wheel Thrown Ceramics made in Spain

Every piece has its own unique character and has been made with lots of passion for the art! 

About my pieces

Handmade With Love

A lot of trial and error has led me to creating these ceramic pieces.

Every time I hand make one of these ceramic pieces, I enjoy it so much that I get carried away imagining them in your home being cared for with a lots of love and stealing people their attention when visiting. 

Not all the pieces are the same, as everything is made by hand. This leads to some minor differences in shapes and look. The colors can be slightly different depending on the reaction of the glazing on the product and where it was loaded in the kiln. But this is why I love handmade pieces! They are all unique and special in their own way. I always strive to make them Imperfectly Perfect!