About NieNie Ceramica

 Handmade with love by Eugénie.

Full of passion and enthusiasm I make Ceramic dinnerware, decoration and homeware in Spain. All the pieces are handmade and selfmade from beginning to ending. I use the hand building technique or make my pieces by throwing it on the wheel. I do not use molds, every single piece in made by my bare hands. This is why every piece is very unique and slightly different from one another. A set of plates or bowls looks very authentic as it can have some minor differences. I always strive to make them Imperfectly Perfect!

Besides the products in my webshop I also do custom orders. Feel free to contact me if you would like to have a custom made piece or if you want to collaborate with me!




I got in touch with the art of ceramics in 2017 when I was living in Prague. Very soon I realized how much I loved it, every Tuesday evening was the highlight of my week. As I kept doing it more and more, I was getting better and more passionate. In 2018 when I moved to Spain, there was no ceramic studio within my reach.

This was a sign for me. I could either start my own studio or just forget about it. Well one thing was for sure, I could not forget about it. So I took a big, but delightful and risky step in my live and started my own studio!

Now, 4 months later, I can welcome you to my webshop where you can enjoy the pieces I carefully created, and who knows, give them a new place in your home? 


PS: for who is wondering where the name NieNie comes from…. 

When my younger sister was just a child and she started to speak, she wasn’t able to say my full name, Eugenie. So she started to call me NieNie. Since that moment, it has been my nickname among many friends and family in Belgium. When I was searching for a name to start my ceramic business, I was looking for a name that reflects the cosy and familiar feeling you get at a good dinner party. So I called my ceramic business NieNie! It reflects what I want to create with my ceramic pieces, a comfortable, familiar but trendy and cosy come together atmosphere.