Classes on the Wheel

Ceramics can be made by using the hand building technique or by using the wheel. Both techniques are incredibly fun and interesting to learn. 

At NieNie Ceramica you can take classes on the wheel to learn the basics of this technique. You will learn how to wedge, center the clay, make the basic shapes such as a cylinder and eventually learn how to finish your piece by trimming it and adding additional pieces like handles for cups for example! 

There is the option to take one class to get to know the technique but you can also buy a package of 4 private classes to learn more advanced techniques. 

Weekly Classes on the Wheel - 6 classes in total

These classes give you the opportunity to go beyond the basic techniques on the wheel. You will be able to learn how to make more complicated shapes and how to make similar shaped pieces. 

Private classes can be done anytime during the week, together we agree on dates and time for the classes. 

  • Duration: 6 x 2h; a total of 12h classes
  • When: (find dates per month below)
    Monday 18h - 20h
    Thursday 10h30 - 12h30
    Saturday 17h30 - 19h30

  • 1 returning class to glaze everything, date will be discussed at the end of the course
  • Price€160
  • Includes all materials and 2 firings for every created piece

  • Dates: TBA